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Our Camper Christmas

December 5, 2017

I’ve been mulling over titles for this post for a few weeks; “A very merry Cat-mas”-“Deck the Hall (singular)”… we’ll go with a simple “Our Camper Christmas” since this will be our first Christmas in the camper and it’ll definitely be a very merry cat-mas I’m sure. 😉

Every year at our house we would decorate on Justin’s birthday weekend (Dec.1). We’d drink hot cocoa and dance around to Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree with antler headbands on. The only difference this  year was that we did the decking of our hall (singular) a little bit early. Our friends over at Mountain Modern Life asked us to be a part of a camper Christmas tour, so I had to up my game a little bit and get things done early. I’ll be honest, if they hadn’t asked us to participate, I probably wouldn’t have done much decorating. We weren’t feeling very festive. I was still looking over my shoulder wandering what happened to summer. Our year and specifically the last few months of camper life have been a little lack-luster. We’re ashamed to admit that we’ve had more changes to our plan than we have had things go according to it. Ultimately, we made a new plan that has us parked for another couple of months so we took that as an opportunity to cozy the place up for some restful weeks of winter here in Ohio. And to get into the holiday spirit because it’s impossible not to when your whole house twinkles. Plus, nobody likes a Grinch around the holidays, amiright?!

I wanted to do more DIYs and there’s still time but let’s be honest, I’ll probably just spend the rest of December watching terrible Christmas movies on Netflix. I did manage, however, to throw together some yarn for a cute and SUPER simple little wall hanging on an already DIY’ed drift wood piece I made a few months ago. You’ll see it below! We also really wanted to put up a tree and since we had the space in front of our big window and I went searching and found the perfect skinny tree. We used our normal ornaments even though they aren’t glamorous and most of them don’t really match. They’re all meaningful and special to us because of where they came from and we like to be reminded of our blessings this time of year.

I absolutely LOVED hanging real pine around the house in the winter. I used to go ALL-OUT lining the table and fireplace mantle with pine clippings and garlands so, you better believe I had some in my cart at Lowe’s on our last trip to grab a propane tank for our “tiny fireplace”… Which, I realized just now that I didn’t include in these photos because when I shot this tour, it was sixty degrees out and I actually had the door open most of the day. That’s Ohio for you. Anyway, here’s a little trick if you didn’t do this already; when you go to Lowe’s and probably Home Depot you can take the extra clippings from when they wrap the cut trees for customers and they’re FREE.

I wouldn’t say that we went all-out this year but instead we tried to keep things simple and minimal, with lots of glitzy light to keep our tiny space feeling warm and cheerful. Because we are mooch-docking we have the luxury of basically free 30amp hookups, so the outside lights are a huge bonus in a camper! Now, all we need is some snow around here and we’ll be in full hibernation mode.

My mom made those cute and crafty wood outdoor decorations. She’s the cutest. We started a shop this year for her creations but I haven’t had much time to get it going. You can check it out here -> Linen & Timber They also built our deck and basically the entire interior of our camper. 😀 You’ll probably also notice that there is a different cat in pretty much every photo. Yes, we know we’re crazy. We’ve had 5 cats for 10+ years, they’re our babies. The cute one with the gold eyes is our youngest and she appeared in our old garage on National Cat Day, so I had to keep her. Then, we somehow adopted two outdoor kitties when we moved here and they are just the sweetest, brother and sister, kitties ever! Crazy, cat-crazy.

So, I hope you enjoy our camper Christmas tour and we hope your holidays are full of twinkling cheer, joy and cozy nights around a warm fire! We’re happy to answer any of your questions about camper living, renovating or cats if you’ve got ’em…haha!

Note, check out the links at the bottom of the post to see all the other 13 camper tours in the Christmas in the Camper series! So much tiny inspiration!

-Merry Christmas + Happy New Year from Mallory + Justin



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