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Summer Progress Update

September 15, 2016

Hello friends! We’re back with a progress update! Somehow most of summer came and went and we didn’t post much. Between our real jobs, travel and just normal life we really only got to work in the big girl about 6 hours each week, give or take. Unfortunately our goal of moving in at the end of summer wasn’t realistic but we’ve learned to go with the flow.

We made some headway during a couple of weekends and for anyone interested in the bones of what we’re doing, here’s a look:
-We reinforced the back of the rig with a steel beam.
-We reinforced the walls where they attach to the floor with steel angle iron.
-All the walls, floor and framing are now a nice, solid plywood.
-We had a ton of repairs to do to the roof and windows.

We’re actually much further along than this post shows but I didn’t want to jump the gun, so our next post will be the latest update!! Only a few more work days left before we start freezing here in Ohio we are in a rush to get all the weather related things taken care of. Hopefully then we can focus on more finishing touches on the living space!

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