Photo by Nate & Amanda Howard

Hello. Thanks for checking out our blog. The Motorhome Memoirs was created on August 3, 2015 as a way for us to keep record of our journey, not just the literal journey of life on the road but the journey that this lifestyle will take our hearts on. We’re two creatives working remotely, living simply and documenting the stories we find along the way.

We purchased a 1985 Travelcraft motorhome in August 2015 and are working hard to make it a simple home and workspace on wheels. We rented out our 1500 square foot, beloved home; downsized to a one bedroom apartment during the renovation; purged 90% of our belongings; gutted the camper and we’re about 6 months into the build-out. Our move-in date is 1-1-17

This blog will hold the stories and experiences we encounter as we fulfill this crazy dream!

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