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This blog is a way for us to keep record of this journey, not just the literal journey of life on the road but the journey that this lifestyle will take our hearts on.

We have to start by saying that the community of tiny-living, camper-loving, intentional minimalists we’ve internet-met along this adventure have been SO inspiring. There are more of us than you think! It’s wild! All of us choose this life for different reasons and rarely is it because it’s trendy.
(News Flash: It’s trendy)

We didn’t choose camper-life, it chose us. Haha, ok maybe that’s a stretching it a bit but really, we didn’t move out and pair down because it was easy or fun or because it’s super cool now. We didn’t renovate because vintage campers are so trendy. Also, yes, we’ve seen Tiny House Hunters on HGTV and no, we don’t want our own show.

We chose this lifestyle because it was the only way to live our dream. A dream born out of a deep love for the road and the adventures and freedom it brings. In 2014 we left our driveway in a Jeep Liberty with just the necessities. Everything we needed less than two feet away. We drove for almost four weeks, across the country, down the California coast and back through the flat and lonely desert. When we got “home” our big house and everything in it, our crappy town and regular life seemed to be suffocating us. Living on the road became our dream. For the next two years, everything we would do would revolve around making that dream a reality.

The Motorhome Memoirs blog was created on August 3, 2015 when we purchased a 1985 Travelcraft motorhome out of someone’s backyard without a for sale sign on it. We planned to live and travel in it full time. We purged 90% of our belongings, put our house up for rent and moved out. Over the course of 2016 we worked tirelessly gutting and renovating this old girl into our dream tiny home with the help of Mallory’s carpenter parents while living in their basement apartment with only one window, and paying off over $40,000 worth of debt.

Our hearts have been forever changed by our struggles (there have been many) and our triumphs (there have been enough). Our future shaped forever by this lifestyle and all that we’ve learned and we have yet to put our tires to pavement on any grand adventures. 2017 was one obstacle and set back after another but we remain IN LOVE, wholeheartedly with this camper and this way of life.

We hope you’ll enjoy following along. We share it all and would love for you to come along with us!
Thanks for reading!

Together we work full time from home as wedding and portrait photographers. Mallory dabbles in pottery and writing while Justin also earns an income as a freelance 3d animator. We have 6 cats in our tiny camper and we love it. We know it’s crazy. We’ve had 5 of them for 10+ years so they had to come with. It’s surprisingly spacious with all of us in here!

You can usually find us on a trail, at the top of a mountain or in some cases a just a big hill will do…anywhere with a view. We love watching the sunrise and set and making meals together. Our cupboards are always stocked with red wine and whiskey and lots of potato chips. We love meeting people and exploring new places but we also equally love a night at home snuggled up together with our kitties! We hope to meet you sometime!

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