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June 29, 2016

Slow progress is still progress.
Memorial Day weekend was our first weekend in the apartment. We, in typical Mallory & Justin fashion, hosted a party in the midst of our never-ending workdays and moving chaos. The party was a sort of shotgun start to summer. It was beautiful out, our family and friends came and gave us much needed encouragement when they saw the camper, albeit full of junk from the move.

Wedding season started and June was our most booked month but we managed to find a few good days and lots of help in the camper! My Dad is our hero on this project (and many others in the past). He has all the tools, the know-how and the great ideas. My mom is his sidekick, she keeps his ideas and measurements organized. She’s tiny but she can throw around a sheet of plywood like nobody’s business. Dad is teaching Justin so much and I just sit back and pretend like I’ve already been taught everything I need to know. Truth is, we’re both learning new things every time we walk in the tiny, too-short door of our crazy project. Who knows if we’re doing anything right. I’m sure we’re not. But we’re doing it.

We’d laid the subfloor and then sat around taping out the layout. I’ll show ya’ll the bathroom progress and all the fixures we had delivered next time!

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