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December 12, 2016
Tiny House Chore List

As we round the corner to completion on our tiny/camper conversion our friends and family are beginning to ask more questions about our lifestyle in the tiny space and less about the building materials and plans. Over the last year and half we have downsized from the 1500 sq.ft. house we called home for the last 11 years into a one bedroom 500 sq. ft. apartment. To say that our lifestyle changed dramatically would be accurate but I believe we have acclimated rather well to the small space. In the apartment we already hang our clothes to dry since we don’t have a drier. We hand wash all our dishes and cook on only two burners and a toaster oven. We rotate our seasonal clothing to fit into one closet/dresser and we continually donate or sell pieces of furniture still because we just had so much of it from the house. Downsizing to the apartment was a nice first step before going completely tiny
In the camper, I foresee a few things requiring another level of awareness and adjustment:

  1. We will have way less space for clothes which means we’ll be washing/drying more often with less water to do so.
  2. Awareness of electricity and water usage will become an intentional daily task.
  3. Living in a even smaller space with pets will be interesting.
  4. Heating/Cooling will be a daily chore that we otherwise normally don’t need to think about in a normal house.

Here’s how we plan to tackle those challenges. Of course this is all wonderful in theory, we’ll see how well our plans work after a few months of living tiny.

  1. We plan to have a manual or mini-electric washing machine to wash clothes in everyday or every other day depending on our activities.
  2. We’ll hang clothes to dry on a retractable clothes line like we do now.
  3. We’ll downsize our wardrobes one more time to the bare necessities and rotate season items.
  4. We’ll have a wall-hung dish drying rack that will also be the storage shelf for our dishes in the kitchen. We’ll wash after each meal as part of the process. They’ll always be clean and tidy and will look good on the wall too!
  5. We’ll invest in a more efficient litter box system so that storage of litter and cleaning is less cumbersome.
  6. We’re currently researching heating options for the tiny camper but we’re hoping to have an electric option and a propane option for those freezing Ohio winters if we’re here for those.
  7. We’ll need to do a few chores daily; sweeping (dry cat food and outside dirt are everywhere in the apartment now so I imagine that to be worse in the camper), emptying the trash, cleaning the litterbox, washing clothes.
  8. Some things we’ll do every few days; grocery shopping, dusting, washing towels/sheets/rugs.
  9. These tasks will be done less frequently but will be new to the chore list; replenishing drinking water/fresh water, propane, charging batteries, fueling the rig, maintenance on the tires/engine and body of the rig and emptying the tanks/composting toilet.

We’d love to hear from other people living tiny what tasks were new to your list or what chores, if any, got easier!

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