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MTV Cribs – Home on Wheels Version

January 29, 2018

Back in September we hosted a open house at a park. We invited our friends and family and even some strangers came over to check out all the hard work we put into building our 1985 dream home on wheels. We didn’t expect a camera crew from MTV cribs to show up.

Ok, we’re kidding. Our friend Amanda is an awesome videographer and she decided on to film some details which somehow quickly turned into her filming a cribs episode with Justin playing the part with Oscar worthy acting. Watching this back made me slightly concerned about the amount of MTV my husband must have watched as a teenager because he was SO GOOD at being a cribs guy…haha. I just really can’t say much about the video other than it was so much fun to watch….you just have to watch it and be prepared to laugh.
Thanks Amanda!


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