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This 1928 House

May 28, 2016

Spring came and spring went. We thought packing and organizing was the thick of it. We were wrong.
In the time since I posted last a lot of things have changed and changed again. We decided against selling our beloved 1928 house. Many reasons led to the emotional decision but mostly I think neither of us were really ready to let go of our first home and all the love we’ve poured over it these last 10 years. We nearly simultaneously, after a ton of coercing from friends, chose to make our house a rental. Within a week we had found AWESOME tenants, picked a move-in/move-out date and the forecast was calling for winds of change. Let me tell you those winds had never blown so hard in our lives. We thought that packing we did over the course of the last year was most of what needed packed. We thought that home improvement projects were mostly done. We grossly overestimated our progress in those areas. As a reprieve from the stress and constant work we were putting in we had our beautiful artistic friend Lisa come over to take some portraits of us in the house before we bid farewell for a long while.

Having the shoot seemed like the perfectly sentimental right of passage we needed to end that chapter of our life. I love the story these images tell about us and our family/home life.
A few days later, we took the last load to the car only hours before our lovely tenants were scheduled to bring their own belongings to their new home. The whole thing happened quickly and felt really normal. In the basement apartment where we now reside temporarily at my parents, the cats hid in the depths of darkness for at least 24 hours while we set up house.

On the way to the new place with our last load of ‘stuff’ I said to Justin, “we could totally just take all of this stuff someplace and never miss it, why do we even have it.”  Setting up house in the tiny temporary space with the leftovers of abundance was a little frustrating. It seemed like a step backwards.  After a while of stewing about STILL having too many beauty products left over and not wanting to be wasteful I chose to see it as a good sign we’re ready for minimalist life. So much of the stuff we brought with us here won’t be replenished and each time we purge those unnecessary things life just gets that much simpler!

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