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To the shop

March 21, 2017

Last week was Justin’s spring break but instead of heading someplace warm and sunny, we thought we’d stay home and spend the week in living in the camper. We planned to test out the water source, use the compost toilet, inspect the water pressure and other important amenities before we take the big girl on any adventures. We figured it best to try these things out at home while tweaks and changes could be made on the fly but the weather had a different idea in mind. It was freezing. Like 17 degrees and 20 mph winds freezing. We were too cautious and worried so we didn’t put any water in the tanks and heat was becoming a burden. We decided just to take her to the shop a few days early to get the repairs process started! We did manage to have a few good days hanging out before we dropped her off. As I sit here now, it’s very strange not to have her here. Can’t go stand there and admire our hard work. Can’t sit on the comfy couch and look out the window when the basement gets boring. Can’t find some sort of detail to improve on. That must be why today is the busiest office work day I’ve had in probably 8 months.

Here are some pics as of lately!

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